If you would like to make some improvements to your home to help ensure that it is as waterproof as possible, you will want to work on the exterior. There are many things that can be done but you can easily get started with these three tips and be well on your way to keeping water out of your home.

Add Caulking Around Window And Door Frames

Over the years, your home can shift due to settling. When this happens, small gaps can appear around the frames of your windows and doors. You might not notice any problems from the inside of the house, but if you look closely at the exterior, you might see spaces around the windows and doors. If there are spaces, water can get in around the frames and behind your siding. It can cause mold growth and deterioration. On a sunny and dry day, you will want to add caulking around the frames so that there is no longer any space for water to get in.

Seal All Holes In The Siding

At first, you might not think that there are any holes in the siding. However, even the smallest of pinholes can be a problem so you want to look for them. This might require you to get up on a ladder so you can get a closer look. Any small holes should be able to be quickly patched with some caulking. Once the caulking is dry, a little paint can be added so it blends in with your siding.

Slope The Yard Away From Your Foundation

You want the yard to come up to your foundation at an angle, even if it is a slight one. This way, when it rains, the water will flow away from your home before soaking into the ground. The further the water rolls away from your foundation, the less likely it is that you are going to have a water problem in your basement. You can add soil and plant new grass on your own or have a professional do it for you.

If you would like help with the exterior waterproofing of your home, you will want to call a contractor to give you a hand. Look for one that advertises that they have experience with waterproofing services. Talk with some neighbors to see if they have any recommendations for you, especially if you have noticed any of them having work done to their homes in recent months. They might have a business card to give you and you can call them for a price quote that you can compare against quotes given by other contractors that you meet with.

Contact an exterior waterproofing service to learn more.