If you want to start renovations to your home with environmentally friendly features, there are a lot of things that can be done. Choosing the right materials is one of the areas where you may want to plan to do green features, which can easily be achieved with reclaimed lumber materials. Before you start with the renovations and finishes using reclaimed lumber, you will want to know the different options and where they can be used. The following tips will help you add details to your home using reclaimed lumber materials for interesting details and a greener design:

1. Barn Lumber to Get Timber Beams and Other Materials to Accent Interior Design

Old barns are often full of old timbers that were used to build the frames. These materials can be a good resource to add structural elements with an aged look. The large timbers from old barns will give your renovations structural elements that are attractive and aged. They can also be used for shelves, accents for fireplace hearths, and other aged timber accents that you want to add to your interior design.

2. Finding Unique Reclaimed Materials to Use for New Wood Floors with An Aged Look

Another way you may want to give the interior design of your home a unique look is with new wood floors. Rather than using the conventional materials that are often used for floors, look for unique reclaimed lumber materials, which can be old plank floors from factories or barn siding from old barns that have been torn down.

3. Using Reclaimed Lumber to Add Attractive and Unique Trim and Woodwork to Interior Designs

Often, the trim that is used in modern homes is made with wood that is primed and painted or synthetic materials. If you want to have a more natural look for the interior design of your home, reclaimed lumber can be used for features like wood friezes around windows and doors, or other accents for the trim and woodwork.

4. Using Reclaimed Lumber to Create Aged Custom Ceilings, Faux Beams and Other Interior Design Features

There are also a lot of options to create custom ceiling designs with reclaimed lumber. First, you may want to consider using the wood to make faux beams that give the interior and aged timber frame look. In addition, there are also options for using the materials to create custom ceilings with unique details and accents, such as a coffered or tray ceiling design.

These are some tips that will help with the renovations to your home using reclaimed lumber to add green details and unique accents. If you are ready to start renovating your home with interesting features, contact a reclaimed lumber service to provide the materials you need for your project.

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