Air leaks and poor insulation can be a major cause of energy loss in your home. Therefore, one of the best investments that you may want to consider are improvements to insulation where you are losing the most energy. This may be in areas like crawl spaces, attics and window openings in your home. The following tips will help you choose the right insulation improvements to reduce energy loss in your home:

The Truth About Windows and Doors And the Insulation That Can Stop Cold Drafts

You may hear a lot about replacement windows and improvements for older homes, but other issues could be causing the cold drafts in your home. Often, it is due to a lack of insulation between casings and the structural framing. To solve this problem, have insulation installers add batten strips or spray foam between the window trim and wood framing.

Unfinished Spaces and The Weather Outside Getting in Due to A Lack of Insulation

There may be unfinished space in your home, such as a bonus room, basement or an addition. This unfinished space can be the cause of cold weather getting into your home. To solve problems and reduce energy loss, have an insulation service insulate these areas to keep the weather outside out of your home.

Problems with Attics That Have Outdated or Insufficient Insulation That Cause Energy Loss

The attic of your home can be one of the areas where a lot of energy is lost. This can be due to there not being enough insulation or outdated materials that have worn out and not doing their job anymore to prevent energy loss. Therefore, it may be a good investment to have an insulation service add to the insulation in your attic to prevent energy from going through the roof.

Exterior Wall Insulation and Barriers to Stop Problems with Air Leaks That Cause Energy Loss

Another area of your home where there may be outdated insulation or no insulation at all is the exterior walls. This is something that you will want to have a professional insulation contractor to inspect and update if there is not a sufficient thermal barrier for all your exterior walls. In addition, when doing renovations to exteriors, modern wrap materials can be used to help stop air leaks and energy loss.

These tips will help you find the right areas to improve insulation in your home to reduce energy loss. If you need help with finding the right improvements for your home, contact an insulation service and talk to them about some of these solutions to update the energy design of your home.