Custom home plans give you the opportunity to determine just what your house will look like, rather than leaving it to a developer who creates only three or four floorplans. While many custom home builders often work with pre-determined floorplans as well, these builders offer too many options. And for builders that allow for modifications to those plans, or who draw up completely new plans for each buyer, the sky's the limit.

So where does a buyer even begin to figure out what type of floorplan will work best? Many people concentrate on spaces like numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, or views from the dining and living room. These are valid parameters, for sure. Yet there are two more issues that buyers should look at: roof pitch and attic space. Roof pitch is critical for snowy areas and for certain roof types, such as curved-tile roofs. And you definitely need a peaked roof if you want an attic. Attic space offers many benefits that newer houses don't seem to offer, and it may be a good move to get attic space if you just can't make up your mind.

It's Easier to Do Something with Existing Space

If you decide later that an attic or extra, auxiliary space would be nice to have, then buying a plan with an attic now makes that really easy. You've already got the space and can transform it into anything you want. If you don't get an attic now, you have to look at constructing a whole new space, and that's likely going to be a ground-level addition as adding an entire floor is nearly impossible. If you have visions of what you could do with attic space, but you're not sure if you will ever do anything with it, you may want to get a plan with it anyway.

Basic Finishing Gives Future Plans a Head Start

Once you have your house with attic, any future plans for that space will be a breeze to implement. This is especially the case if you have the space finished, at least to a basic level. Make sure the outlets are working, that the walls are insulated and covered with painted drywall, and that the lighting is adequate for anyone walking into the space. If you end up doing nothing with the space, you'll have a nice storage area or meditation spot. If you do want to do something with it, any changes will be cosmetic, and thus fairly easy to accomplish.

Better Too Much Space Than Not Enough Space

There's always the worry that you'll end up doing nothing with the space at all, not even storing items in it. If you really think that will be how you treat the space, then no, don't get an attic with your custom house plans. But if you can see yourself using the space in some capacity later on, get it. Better to end up with too much space than not enough space if you really think you might want to use it later on.

If you're still unsure about what you want, work with custom home services like Kavin Construction. They can help you make the final decisions before they start building the home.