Your home may or may not already have a garage. If it does have a garage, you may want to add on to your property's value and improve its use by adding a custom garage. With a custom garage, you can benefit from the added convenience and options it provides to you with extra space to store all your vehicles, ATVs, RV, camper, or boat. But you don't want to forget any details as the plan for your new garage. Here are some options when you decide to build a custom garage on your land to add to your property's value.

Contract a Builder

One of the first steps to building your custom garage is to find a local builder who is reputable and will build your garage to fit your specifications and needs. You may benefit by asking around beforehand to find out which builders are highly recommended by your friends, family, and acquaintances. The builder you choose should be in contact with you throughout the entire building process to make sure the project goes according to plan and any problems are rectified.

Talk to your builder about the style of garage you want, including the materials it will be built from. Your custom garage can be built to match the exterior of your home or to be in a specific style, such as colonial, gambrel style, or traditional gable style. You can also have your garage built to match, for example, your log cabin–style home.

Choose the Design

Along with selecting the type of materials you want your garage built from, you also need to choose the style and layout of your garage floor plan. There are so many more options for a garage floor plan than just a traditional two- or three-car garage. For example, you can add on a workshop to tinker with your tools or work on woodworking projects. Or you can build a bonus room next to the garage where you can hold family or neighborhood events. Consider if you want to add a kitchenette, bathroom, or showers, which you could use along with your backyard pool, for example.

Free-time projects are not the only type of activity you can plan for when you design your garage; you can also build an apartment or separate living space onto the garage, or you can make the garage a two-story and build an apartment above the garage on the second floor. When you put in the extra time and money to build a custom garage on your property, make sure it has all the essentials you want the space to include so you don't have to add to it later with remodeling.

Consider Rental Income

When you have your garage built, there is an opportunity to rent out its space to others. There are many people who need to rent a garage to store their vehicle or boat or just to keep extra tools and equipment for their home or work. Just as someone may choose to rent a local storage unit, they can also rent your garage space from you. Depending on your garage's size, if it is climate controlled, and the area you live in, you may be able to rent it anywhere from $50 to $150 or more per month.

If your garage has a living space attached to it, you may be able to rent this out as an apartment or rental suite and make some rental income. Be sure to do some research on the rental market in your area so you know what a fair asking price would be for rent.

To learn more about the project, get in touch with local custom garage builders.