If you suffer from health problems that make it hard to enter, exit, or use your bathtub or shower properly, you may desire a better and easier way to take care of your toiletry needs. Even if your bathtub or shower comes equipped with a shower chair, a soap dispenser, and an easy-to-reach shower head, you can still have problems bathing properly. You may need to make unnecessary moves just to access or reach your personal items. The following tips can make your shower, bathtub, or bathroom more user-friendly for you. 

Install Grab Bars Throughout the Bathroom

Grab bars are disability-accessible tools used to help seniors and other adults enter and exit their showers and bathtubs safer and less stressful. The bars come with slip-proof surfaces that allow you to hold onto them when you stand up to reach the items inside your shower caddy or in another location in the bathroom. The extra protection provided by grab bars may prevent accidental falls and bone fractures. 

You generally place grab bars on the wall near your shower head or bathtub faucet. Some people install the bars on their shower door or along the top of their bathtub's rim to make entering and exiting the structures safer. You may choose to install grab bars throughout your bathroom as well. 

If installing grab bars in your bathroom isn't something you wish to consider, try installing a shower niche instead.

Place a Shower Niche in the Shower or Bathtub

A shower niche is a small area of space created in the tile just above your bathtub or along the wall of your shower. You use the niche to store the items you use the most, including shampoo, razors, bars of soap, and face cloths. You can also place medicated creams and other essential items inside the niche.

You can have a loved one install a shower niche for you, or you can hire a remodeling contractor instead. A contractor can create the recessed point in your wall without damaging the rest of your bathroom. There may be plumbing lines and fixtures hidden behind your shower or bathtub wall that may become damaged if the installation isn't carried out properly. Broken or damaged plumbing pipes can leak water behind the tiled walls in your bathroom. 

If you need assistance making your bathtub, shower, or bathroom more user-friendly, contact a remodeling or building contractor near you today about finding the right shampoo/soap shower niche.