While garages are great, there are many homes that do not have a garage on the property. A simple solution for making up for a lack of garage is to purchase a metal carport and have it installed near the house. Metal carports are typically shipped in complete kits, are easy to assemble, and cost a fraction of having a garage built on to your home. Some of the top benefits of installing a metal carport on your property include the following. 

Protection From Weather

Most people spend a lot of money on their cars, so it is natural to want vehicles to remain in good condition for as long as possible. Unfortunately, exposure to the sun, snow, and rain can diminish the appearance of a vehicle and damage the paint, while also causing other issues. When you have a carport, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle is under a covered structure and protected from the elements.

Keep Vehicle Safe

Parking on the street puts your vehicle at risk -- when a car is parked away from the home, it is easier for criminals to quickly break into a vehicle and steal anything that they may find inside. Most carports are installed close to a house, which can deter criminals -- most criminals don't want to risk getting caught in the act. It is also easy to install motion detection lighting on the roofline of a carport to provide an extra layer of protection.

Store Other Types of Vehicles

Carports are not just for cars! Some people purchase oversized carports to store their RVs, and regularly-sized carports are great places to keep boats, motorcycles, quads, or golf carts. If you invest in other types of vehicles besides your automobile, having a place to keep them on your property is most likely a high priority.

Extra Space

It is not necessary to park any vehicles in a carport. Some people use a carport as an extended covered patio. A carport can also be a great spot for kids to play when they need shade or protection from the rain. It is also possible to use a carport as a workshop or gardening area. A carport is a multi-use structure, so there is no limit to what you can do with the space.

Make Your Home More Desirable

Not having a garage can turn off potential buyers when you choose to sell your home. But, if you have installed a high-quality metal carport, your home is more likely to appeal to buyers since they will have a place to park their vehicles close to the house. 

For more information on A-frame metal carports, contact your local supplier.