When you read Robert Frost's poem, Mending Wall, you immediately picture a crumbling wall and all that has caused it to crumble. As the poem continues, you are reminded of the things that continue to cause the wall to fall apart, creating an opening where "even two can pass abreast." While the many things that cause a wall to crumble are the things that "hate" a wall, it is the masons and the masonry repairs that "love" the wall. Here is how the masons will lovingly restore your stone or brick wall.

Repairing the Brick Wall

Brick walls are probably the easiest walls to repair because the bricks tessellate together to form the structure. The mason removes all of the loose bricks, examines the loose bricks to determine if any of them can be reused, and then begins the repairs. All bricks that are in decent shape are covered in mortar top and bottom and reinserted into the wall from the ground up.

As the mason runs out of old, reusable bricks, he or she pulls out a stock of new bricks and begins to install those until the wall has been fully restored. Then they smooth out the mortar/ground, creating compact lines between the bricks. The wall is complete again.

Repairing the Stone Wall

Stone walls are a little more difficult because the stone has to be shaped before it can be placed in wet concrete. The wall itself has to be shaped within a wooden frame, which is then removed after the concrete and stones have effectively solidified. If the wall is pure concrete, with no stone set in it at all, then the mason has an easier time of it. Then he/she just has to build a casting frame, pour the concrete into it and wait.

Additional "Love" for Other Brick and Stone Structures

Along with walls, masons are able to repair just about anything that is made of stone and/or brick. If you have other crumbling structures on your property, ask the mason to look at them. He/she can tell you what it would cost to restore these structures and make them strong again. It is not advisable that you attempt to do any brick or stonework yourself, since this is a highly skilled career that takes years of experience to do. However, you may be able to assist the mason with the project.

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