If you a crack in your asphalt patio, you are going to want to deal with that crack before winter hits. In the winter, even the smallest crack in your asphalt can expand to a large crack. You want to patch up any cracks in your asphalt patio before winter and freezing weather really hit so that you don't have a bigger crack to deal with in the spring.

#1­ Clean The Area

The first thing you want to do is clean up the asphalt before you fill in the crack. If there are any weeds growing in the asphalt, you are going to want to pull them out. Try to remove them all the way down to the roots.

If there is any other debris inside of the crack, you are going to want to remove that as well. You may want to spray down the area with a hose to get rid of the dirt, be sure to allow time for the asphalt to dry before you proceed with filling in the crack.

#2 Purchase The Right Materials

Second, you need to purchase the right material. If the crack is deep, you are going to want to purchase foam rods to fill in the crack and give it some structure.

You also need to purchase some asphalt pothole repair cold patch kit. This kit does not require you to mix anything up, so you don't need to purchase a bucket for mixing up the repair material. You will need the use of a shovel or spade to apply the repair kit with.

#3 Patch Up The Hole

Take the asphalt cold patch repair kit and open it up. Use a spade or a shovel to put the patch into the hole. Press the patch material down into the hole. You want to compress the patch as much as possible. Fill the hole up until you reach the top of the crack. Try to smooth out the patch so that it is as even as possible with the visible pavement.

Allow the patch to dry for at least a day. This will give it time to cure before you walk over the patch. Inspect the patch and make sure that the patch material filled in the crack. If the crack is not all the way filled in, apply more patch material. Doing this before winter and freeze weather comes around will prevent the crack from spreading and further damaging your asphalt patio. 

Contact a paving company, like AAA Paving and Sealing, for more help.