If your washing machine isn't getting clothes as clean as it used to, and you aren't ready to spend the money to invest in a new model, there are some things you can do to help improve the washing machine you have. There are a few tricks you can try, and with the help of an appliance maintenance and washer repair professional, you'll see if you can get the machine running like you want it to again, and to get your clothes as clean as they need to be to wear.

Clean the Machine

Even if you don't have hard water, the oil and the dirt from the clothes you wash can be clogging up the drain and lining your washing machine, preventing the machine from getting the clothes as clean as possible. Try these different solutions:

  • Run an empty cycle with one cup of baking soda and three cups of vinegar in the water
  • Get a washing machine cleaning solution from the store
  • Ask an appliance professional to clean the machine

These are easy and affordable cleaning solutions, that can prevent your machine from leaving a residue on the clothes, or causing dirty clothes to come out of the washer.

Get a Tune-Up

A tune-up is another way to improve how the washer machine is running. If the sensors aren't clean, the water supply is clogged, or there are other problems with the unit, it won't run like it's supposed to. The appliance expert can come to the house and inspect the machine, to make sure that everything is running as needed or make the necessary repairs.

Fewer Clothes and Better Detergent

You may be washing too many clothes at one time, or may not be using the right amount of detergent for size of load you are doing. Try improving the quality of laundry detergent that you are using, and watching how many clothes you put into one load, to see if you can get your clothes cleaner.

Before you decide your washing machine isn't good and replacing it, save yourself some money and see if you can fix the minor problem that you are having. If you know that it isn't in your budget to get a new washing machine, but your clothes are coming out with flaws and dirty, these different action may be what it takes to get the washing machine working like it used to, and like you need it to.