You were over city living and decided to build a home for your family in a more rural area. No problem there. However, now you're charged with the task of depending on a well and more importantly, choosing a new well pump to install for the well. If you're like most people, this uncharted territory can seem overwhelming and confusing. Don't worry, here are some tips to help you choose the right well pump.

Water Table

One of the first factors that go into choosing a water well pump is the water table within the well. Water levels can often be classified into one of two categories; deep or shallow. In a well with a deeper water table, a submersible pump is generally sufficient. However, if you have a well with a more shallow water table, the submersible pump will only cause a headache.

To operate properly, submersible pumps must be submersed, which can be a challenge when the water level is low. Not only can it be challenging, but it can cause the pump to fail prematurely, which can be costly. If your well is labeled with a shallow water table, a jet pump system will be a better option since it does not have to be in the water to function correctly.

Ease of Installation

Easy installation is to you is also important as it can help you determine what type of pump configuration you need. Submersible pumps typically come as a single unit that houses the pump and motor, only. On the other hand, jet pumps include the pump and motor and a built-in pressure tank. If you were to choose a submersible pump, you would need to select and install a pressure tank separately.

The all-inclusiveness of a jet pump can make for an easier install, easier maintenance and sometimes lower costs since you only have to pay for a single installation. If you're in a scenario when you can choose between the two and you want an easier option, a jet pump might be an ideal solution. However, it is important to note that they sometimes come with a higher cost as a result.

Feeling overwhelmed? There are professionals that can help you. In addition to installing the pump for you, a contractor can also help you determine which option is going to be best for your needs in both the short and long term. Don't hesitate to rely on their expertise if you need to. Visit a site like for more information.