Painting your kitchen is one of the smartest home upgrades because it is very cost effective. If you do the painting yourself, you obviously make the project even more affordable. Painting is relatively simple work, but you will need to know a few tricks and tips if you want your paint job to look professional. Many people mistakenly think that they can just get some painter's tape and a couple of brushes or rollers to easily paint their interior walls. In fact, the job is a little more difficult and requires some planning and preparation. This article explains the best tools and materials for prepping your interior walls before painting them.

Painter's Tape

Painter's tape is probably the most useful thing for the job. Not only do you need to use to mark of the edges and create straight lines, you also need to use it secure all of your plastic, paper and other masking materials. You can make the job easier on yourself if you buy 2" wide tape. This is less common, but you should be able to find it in the paint department. With tape that is a little wider, you have more protection against paint spills and runs. It also give you a stronger hold when taping down your paper and plastic.

Painter's Plastic

Painter's plastic is probably the most important material for masking off your kitchen. It can be used to cover basically everything but the walkways. For instance, it can be draped over appliances and your kitchen table. You can spread and tape it over window and door fixtures for a paint-tight seal. Since it is so lightweight, it can also be taped to vertical surfaces, like ceilings or crown molding. The plastic comes in large rolls so it is easy to apply a large amount at once. It also comes in varying thicknesses. The thinner plastic is usually sufficient, as long as you are not walking on it or placing things on it.

Construction Paper

Construction, or rosin, paper is also very important for your preparation. It works much better as ground covering. You can roll it over your walkways for quick coverage. But you should also tape it down securely so it does not shift around under your feet while you are working. The paper provides a much safer and less slippery surface to walk on. It also helps absorb small paint spills.

With the right tape, plastic and paper, your paint job will be much easier. For more tips, contact a kitchen remodeling company.