If you're like most Americans, you probably have a smartphone. You may also have a smart thermostat and a smart refrigerator. But did you know that there are also smart water heaters that can help make your life easier and conserve energy? Here's a closer look at smart water heaters, the features they offer, and why you should strongly consider purchasing one for your home.

What features do smart water heaters offer?

A standard, tank-style hot water heater has to keep your water warm throughout all hours of the day, regardless of whether you use it or not. While there are timers you can install to regulate when the heaters turn on, they tend to be a hassle if your schedule changes and you suddenly want hot water when the timer has triggered the system to be off.

Smart hot water heaters allow you to program when the water is heated and when it is not. You set a normal schedule using an app on your smartphone, but if you ever need hot water at a non-regular time, you can easily set the heater to turn on at that time. For example, if you usually get home from work and shower at 7 pm, but find out you'll be coming home at 5 pm, you can use the app to have the water heater get your hot water heater ready for 5 pm that one time.

Many smart water heater apps also monitor your water use. You can track how much water you use each day, week, month, or year, so you know when you need to cut back.

What are the advantages of a smart water heater?

Being able to easily schedule when your water heater is on will save you a bundle on energy. Whether you use electricity or natural gas to power the water heater, restricting your use is good for the planet. Burning natural gas releases greenhouse gases like carbon monoxide. Electricity is generated, in part, by burning coal – another non-earth-friendly process.

A smart water heater also ensures that if there are any leaks or problems with your water heater while you're out of town, you find out about them. If you see your usage creeping up while you're away, you know there's a leak or some type of malfunction and can have a plumber go over before the place becomes any more flooded.

If you're ready to conserve water and energy in the most modern way possible, contact a plumber in your area to have a smart water heater installed. For more information, contact local professionals like Aurora Plumbing and Electric Supply, Inc.