The molding is one of the most important design elements of any kitchen cabinet system. This is especially true with built-in cabinets that have crown molding along the top edge. If you take a close look at your cabinets system, you will probably notice that the main box is square and plain. The doors and molding truly define the cabinet. Luckily, you can change hardwood molding quite easily to give your cabinets a new look. This article explains how to safely remove your old molding and install a new product.

Choosing a Wider Molding

Removing your old molding is much easier if your new product is wider than your existing product. Make sure you choose you take this into consideration when choosing your new molding. Any scratches you make to the faceframe of the cabinet will hopefully be covered by your new, wider molding.

Removing Your Old Molding

The best tools for removing molding are a hammer, utility knife and two flathead screwdrivers. First, you need to cut through any caulk that is securing your molding to the cabinet and/or wall. If your molding is not caulked, the job should be quite easy. All you have to do is lightly hammer the flathead screwdrivers underneath the molding. If you hammer both at once, and then simultaneously pry them away from the cabinet, the molding will come off without cracking.

Installing the New Molding

Installing the new molding is actually very simple, as long as you have the right tools. Most importantly, you need a pneumatic nail gun and a compound miter saw. You will need to cut 45° angles, both ways, for the edges and corners of the cabinet so the molding design lines up.

The best way to get the most accurate cuts is to actually hold the molding up to the part of the cabinet where they are going to be installed. Then, mark the backside with a pencil. If you cut right along the pencil mark, you're bound to have a more accurate measurement and you will speed up the process because you don't need to waste your time with a tape measure. Also, you should install the molding piece as soon as it is cut to the right length before you install the next piece.

You might need to rent some of the power tools, but it is not an over complicated job. Next, you can focus on changing the doors with a coordinating style. For mor einformation, contact a business such as Adams Fine Furniture & Cabinetry.