Whether you are cleaning out an entire home of accumulated junk, or you have a construction project in the works, knowing what size of dumpster to rent for your needs is important. Too small of a rental and you will end up spending extra money getting the dumpster emptied and placed a second time. A dumpster that is too large will just take up space. Take the time to assess your situation to determine what size of dumpster you will need.

Measure Your Debris if Possible

You may not know what you are going to throw away, but if you have the ability to take a rough measurement of your debris, this is the best way to estimate the size of dumpster that you will need to haul away the junk in your home. Dumpsters are sized by the number of cubic yards of trash they will hold. One cubic yard of trash is roughly two average size trash cans full of debris. While you won't get a perfect measurement, this is a great way to start estimating the size of dumpster you will need.

Small Cleanout Jobs

If you are cleaning out a shed, or redoing a small bathroom, the five yard dumpster should be perfect for your needs. This size of dumpster is lighter than the ten yard dumpster, and can sit comfortably on a driveway without causing any damage. For larger jobs, like a spring cleaning of the garage or basement, a five yard dumpster will be large enough.

Dumpsters for Larger Jobs

When you are trying to renovate more than one room in your home, or you have accumulated many years of junk, the ten yard dumpster is a great option. This is the most commonly chosen dumpster, as it is versatile. This dumpster is a bit heavier, so you will have to make sure it is placed in an area where it can't cause damage to your driveway. Take the time to find out if the dumpster can be opened on the side, or is simply an open top dumpster. It can be harder to place junk in an open top dumpster, but these are the most common.

You will also have the option of a 15, 20, or even 30 yard dumpster. All of these sizes have their uses, from big yard cleanup projects, to complete home renovations. Call your local dumpster rental company to discuss the size of dumpster you may need for your project. Go to websites like this for more information.