If you think your air conditioner has an internal or electrical problem, you should definitely call and HVAC professional. However, you might want to run a few tests on your own to help determine where the problem really is. You can often diagnose the problem and fix it on your own with a few basic tools. One of the most common problems with an air conditioning system is inefficient airflow. This article explains how you can increase the airflow in your AC system by servicing your registers.

First, Flush Your System

Before you even begin to clean your registers you can use this simple trick to flesh out ducts. Go around your home and close all of your register vents, except for one. Remove this register from the wall. Tape a large black trash bag over the duct opening and then turn your heater on full blast. This should blow out of the docks and into the trash bag. This simple extra step won't give your air ducts the most thorough cleaning, but it is definitely worth doing before cleaning your air registers.

Removing and Cleaning Air Registers

All you really need to remove the registers from the wall is usually a flat head screwdriver. However, you might need a utility knife if your registers are caulked at the edges or paint over completely. You will need to cut away the seal so you can remove the registers without chipping the paint along the edges. To streamline the process you should remove all the registers at once. This way you can clean them all together. The fastest way to clean air registers is to soak them in your sink and scrub them just like you are cleaning dishes. In fact, you can even use normal dishwashing soap on vinyl, aluminum and stainless steel registers.

While the registers are removed from the wall you should also quickly clean the rim of the duct. Often, the edge where the drywall meets the duck can catch dust. Dust in this area probably won't affect the overall airflow of your AC system, but it will affect the cleanliness of the air circulating through your house. If you have allergies, this is definitely not a step to skip.

Finally, You can reattach all of the registers. And might be a good idea to invest in new, white screws because the paint from the old screws can be stripped off during their removal. For more information, contact a business that specializes in AC repair.