Do you love the look of cedar shakes or shingles? So many people like the way rustic cedar roofs look, but they shy away from them because they don't know a lot about them and are nervous at the prospect of relying on wood to protect the top of their home. But if you're interested in the look of cedar, it's worth your while to learn a bit more about it. Some of these facts might surprise you – cedar might be a better choice than you'd surmise!

Wood shingles can last longer than an asphalt roof.

Cedar roofing has an average lifespan of about 30 years. If you live in a dry area with mild weather, yours might last even longer. This is longer than the standard asphalt roof is expected to last (most last about 20 years). Cedar is more durable than you'd imagine, and that's why it is the wood most commonly used for roofing. It's resistant to rot, and it naturally repels insects.

Cedar roofing will reduce your energy costs.

You might assume cedar roofing will cost you more than a cheap asphalt roof. However, in the long run, cedar is likely to be the more cost-effective choice. This is because cedar shingles are excellent insulators that provide natural insulation that's about twice that of the average asphalt shingle. With a cedar roof, your energy costs will be lower. You should eventually recoup the increased cost of the cedar roof, when compared to an asphalt roof, with these energy savings.

You really don't need to be concerned about the roof going up in flames.

Your roof is not going to just burst into flames without a cause, so unless you're in an area where forest fires are common and your roof is likely to be exposed to flames, there's no reason to be worried about this. If you do live in an area where fires are common, or if you just can't make yourself feel comfortable with a wooden roof, you can choose cedar shakes that have been treated with a fire-resistant coating. The coating will need to be re-applied every few years to maintain the roof's fire resistance.

Cedar roofing holds up wonderfully in storms.

Hail and heavy rain can cause dents in metal roofs, and it can crack ceramic tiles. It won't do much harm to a cedar roof, though! You also don't have to worry about the cedar shakes blowing off or being lifted up by re-freezing water; they're thick enough and heavy enough to resist this kind of damage. Wood is meant to be outside – it's natural – and it is built to stand up to the rigors of being exposed to the outdoor elements.

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