Storm glass doors provide an extra layer of protection against the high winds and cold temperatures of winter. This will help to keep your house warmer during winter by cutting down on the amount of draft that comes through an exterior door. Here is how you can install storm doors on the outside of the exterior doors on your new house.

Step One: Measure Door Opening

Measure the width of the door frame first.Then measure from the bottom of the frame over the exterior door down to the sill you step over when you enter your home. Make sure you take note of which side of the exterior door the hinges are located. The hinges of the storm door should be on the same side as the hinges on the exterior door.

You can now head to the hardware store to purchase a door that fits the dimensions of your measurements. If you have an odd-shaped door frame, you may have to order a custom-made storm door.

Step Two: Install Door

Take the glass out of the storm door and set it safely aside – working with just the aluminum frame will make the job easier without the weight of the glass in it.

Cut the jamb according to manufacturer's directions. The jamb is the part of the frame that the hinges are connected to so you can open and close the door.

Set the frame in the opening, and use a level to make sure the frame is even and not tilted. Insert screws into the outer frame of the storm door into the wood on the door opening.

Open the door and screw the inside of storm door frame to the wood frame – the screw holes are predrilled by the manufacturer.

Step Three: Install Header

The header has a lip that stops water from dripping down inside the storm door on wet days, and it has weather stripping on it to keep out cold air. Open the storm door and slide the header over the top of the door. Close the door. The header should rest just above the storm door so the top on the door won't stick when the door is opened and closed. Screw the header into place.

Step Four: Install Second Jamb

The second jamb will have the latch on it so the door stays shut when you close it. Place this jamb against the wood frame and screw it in place.

Step Five: Install Bottom Expander

The bottom expander has weather stripping on it to provide the bottom of the storm door with a good seal. Slip the expander onto the bottom of the storm door and adjust its height so the weather stripping rests against the door sill. Screw the expander in place.

Step Six: Install Door Closures

The door closures shut the door automatically. Screw the cylinder side of the door closure into the frame, and screw the arm of the door closure into the storm door. You should put door closures at the top and bottom of the storm door to give it extra closing strength on windy days.

Step Seven: Place Glass in Door

Take the storm glass window and insert it into the door frame.

For more information, contact Five Star Windows Inc or a similar company.