If your home's holiday decorations include any rooftop additions, it's important that you understand the best practices and precautions before you put them up. By understanding the necessary safety considerations, you'll be able to protect yourself and the condition of your roof. Before you climb the ladder with those decorations, here are a few things you need to think about to avoid damaging your roof or experiencing an accident.

Consider Your Safety

Don't dismiss the importance of your footwear choice to your personal safety on the roof. If you're going up there, consider a pair of sneakers with a rubber sole. They'll give you good traction and they are the least damaging to the tile.

Test Your Decorations

Before you put anything up on the roof, take time to not only test any electronic or illuminated decorations, but also to make sure that you have enough lights. That way, you're not having to get up and down from the roof multiple times. The less time you have to spend walking around on your roofing tiles, the better.

While you're testing everything, inspect all of the cords to be sure that everything is in good condition. When you're putting them up outside, and on your roof, you need to eliminate the risk of electrical shortage or fire due to damaged wires. If anything is worn or damaged, replace it. Also, be sure that all of the cords are UL-certified for outdoor use.

Secure Inflatables Carefully

Inflatable decorations need to be carefully anchored to the roof. Use the anchor hooks that are attached to the inflatable decoration to secure it to the roof. The hooks are designed to make it easier to secure the ornaments to the roof without causing damage. For larger ornaments, consider mounting them to plywood and then strapping the plywood in place, that way you don't risk damaging your roofing tile with the fastening hardware.

Take the Chance to Inspect

While you're on the roof, it's a good opportunity to check it over for any visible damage. It's a good time to address any loose roofing tiles or identify a roofing problem that could potentially lead to a leak or other hazard during the winter months. Call a roofing contractor right away if there's anything that needs to be patched.

With these tips, you'll be able to tackle your rooftop decorating and showcase your holiday spirit with the confidence that it's done right and without damage to your roof. For more tips, talk with a roofer like Darnell Construction.