If you are a single parent and just moved into your first home, there are things you need to learn to do on your own. One important thing you may not think about is the garage door. Below are two things you should take time to look into.

Prevent burglars from entering

If the garage is attached to your house, you need to know how to keep burglars out. One easy way you can do this is to put frosting on your windows. These are non-adhesive window-coating films. These films are applied on the inside of the windows, and you can find them in frosted patterns. There are also liquid frost coatings that you spray on the inside of the windows. You can find this film or liquid frost at most home improvement centers. A burglar can easily look into a garage through the window to see if there is a car parked in it. If not, they may try to break in your house. They may also try to see if there is anything worth stealing inside the garage. You could also go a little further and install bars on the inside of the windows.

Check safety sensors and automatic reverse

Because you are a parent, you need to check the safety sensors and automatic reverse, especially if you have small children. If they are not working, your child could be under the door when it is closing, and it would close on them. To check these, open the garage, and sit something directly below it that you don't mind getting damaged, such as an empty box. You can find one sensor on either side of the door a few inches above the ground. Make sure the item you put under the door is taller than the sensors so they can detect it. Close the garage door using your automatic remote or from the wall switch. As it is closing, the door should stop, and then automatically reverse to the open position. If the door does not do this, look at the sensors to see if one of them is blinking. If so, this means they are not aligned with each other. Tighten the screw that is holding the sensor to the bracket on the one that is blinking until the light is solid, which shows they are aligned properly. Open the garage door and put something directly under it again, and make sure the door automatically reverses when you try to close it. If it is still not working, contact a garage door contractor to repair or replace the bad sensor.

While the garage door contractor is at your home, ask them to show you other things you need to check. For more information, visit websites like http://www.planooverhead.com.