If you're looking for an option to create a lush, green lawn without having to invest in sod, hydroseeding may be the best option. There are many benefits to choosing hydroseeding, and understanding the advantages of the process can help you decide if it's right for you. However, it's equally important to understand some of the disadvantages so that you can be prepared to mitigate those concerns while you wait for your new lawn to thrive.


Hydroseeding has many advantages for homeowners. Here are several reasons to opt for this type of lawn treatment.

  • Disease Resistance – Hydroseed is usually a blend of several different types of grass seed, giving you a bit of diversity in your lawn. This diversity helps reduce the risk that you'll lose your whole lawn to a single disease, because different varieties of grass are vulnerable to different types of diseases.
  • Easy Customization – Since hydroseeding usually uses a mixture of several grass seeds, it's easy for you to customize the look of your lawn. Talk with your hydroseeding service about the seed blends you have to choose from or create a custom blend that you like.
  • Cost Effectiveness – If you have a large yard, you'll find that hydroseeding may be more cost effective than other options. This is because the hydroseeding machine only needs to be set up once for a yard application, and it takes very little extra effort to treat a large yard than a small one. Aside from the price of the seed itself, you shouldn't have any additional costs simply for having a large yard.


Hydroseeding isn't without its disadvantages. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you're applying hydroseed to your lawn.

  • Water Requirement – Hydroseeding requires extensive watering to get the grass established. In some cases, hydroseed lawns may need a couple of months of heavy watering practices to help the grass develop strong roots. Make sure that you have the time to devote to the watering and that you're not likely to face any water restrictions during that time.
  • Prohibiting Traffic – If you have pets or kids, hydroseeding can be a challenge, because you have to stay off the lawn for those first couple of months required for the seed to sprout and the grass roots to develop and strengthen. Consider this carefully when choosing hydroseeding and have an alternative in place for walking your pup or taking the kids to play.

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