Travertine tile has a way of retaining stains, especially if those stains are acidic in any way. It definitely is not the type of stone flooring to have, if you have pets and children. However, if you have neither pets nor children, but manage to drop something on your travertine tiles anyway, a travertine tile cleaning has to be immediate. The following three things are the worst enemies of travertine and should be cleaned in very specific ways.

Red Wine

Wine is highly acidic, and not only can it "etch" little holes into the travertine stone, but then it fills those little divots with the wine's natural red and purple coloring. If you accidentally drop a glass of red wine onto your travertine floor, quickly pick up the glass and blot the area with a rag or soft paper towel. Then use a commercial travertine cleaner to safely remove any of the remaining wine coloration before it becomes permanent. (Even if you spill white wine, you will still want to get it off the tiles as soon as possible so it does not etch the tiles and create spaces for dirt to settle.)

Anything Citrus, Including Cleaners with Citrus Extracts

Citrus fruits, juices and drinks made with citrus, as well as store-bought cleaners with citrus extracts for added scent, should never end up on a travertine floor. Fruit slices should be picked up immediately, while lemonades, limeades and orange juices (even the acid-free O.J.!) should be wiped up right away. If you need to clean a sticky mess or citrus juice residue off your travertine floor, do not revert to a floor cleaner that has any citrus extracts in it. These cleaners utilize citrus extracts for added scent and acidic scrubbing power, and are not travertine-floor friendly. 


Dog urine is especially detrimental to travertine floors, so if your pooch is not housebroken or you are trying to train a puppy, keep him or her off and far away from your travertine floors. Not only can your dog's urine damage and discolor the floors, the natural porosity of travertine traps odors, causing the travertine to reek of urine indefinitely. For that same reason, you will want to avoid using ammonia as a cleaner on your floor so it does not smell like urine. If you cannot get the doggy pee smell out of your travertine, a professional travertine tile cleaning company can.