If you have pets at home, you might find that your backyard isn't quite ready for them. Here are some easy ways to improve that and make your backyard a place your pets love to be.

Build a Fence Around it

Even if you have dogs or cats that never stray away from your home, it is still better to have a fence. They might hear a wild animal and want to go chasing after it, putting themselves in danger. It is best to have a fence appropriate for the type of dogs you have. If you have a toy breeds, keep in mind that they can fit through very small openings. 

Keep the Grass Cut Short

Your pets should also be able to run around in grass that is kept trimmed. The more overgrown your grass gets, the more likely it is that you will have pests. This may include fleas, ticks, and so on. While you can still have them with shorter grass, the problem won't be quite as severe. Shorter grass also makes it easier for you to spot and clean up your pets' waste. 

If you have a problem keeping a nice full, trimmed lawn for your dogs, consider having artificial turf installed. It requires very little maintenance, and it doesn't need frequent trimming. Plus, artificial turf is great because it won't have any dead spots from your dog's or cat's pee. For more information about turf, talk with a place like Rocky Mountain Materials & Asphalt.

Know What Plants to Have

Some plants are harmful to your pets, so make sure you know what plants you have and what ones you should avoid adding. It can be great to choose exotic plants to fill your yard with, but you don't want to cause illness to your pets in the process. Some plants that are not safe to have around dogs and cats are black walnuts, elephant ears, azaleas, daffodils, and fox gloves. If you just moved into a new home and aren't familiar with different types of plants, have an experienced gardener come over and identify them for you. They might also remove the hazardous plants for you.

Provide a Place to Cool Off

Not only should you provide drinking water for your pets, but you might also want to have a small plastic pool filled with water. This can be a wonderful treat for your dogs when it is in the middle of summer and temperatures are starting to spike.