Due to the hard and stable nature of concrete, it is easy to forget that the material can stain. You might treat concrete as if it is prone to all sorts of damage and stains, but oil, grease and other liquids can stain it just like any other flooring material. If you have stubborn stains on your concrete floors, the following tips will help you remove them.

Prepare for the Stain Removal Process

One thing to remember about removing stains from concrete is that the sooner you act, the better off you will be. Concrete is a porous material, which means liquids can soak right into the material and make it difficult to remove. If you catch liquid spills shortly after they occur, you can remove the stains relatively quickly. You also want to make sure your concrete floors are completely clean before removing the stains. You can use a regular household cleaner and a mop to clean the floors.

There are also some additional supplies you will need. To remove stubborn stains from concrete, make sure you have the following items on hand:

  • Bucket
  • Hose
  • Goggles and gloves
  • Stiff brush
  • Concrete cleaner
  • Paper towels
  • Kitty litter

Test the Cleaning Product

Your concrete cleaner should be appropriate for the type of stain you have. Make sure you read the labels carefully so you can purchase the right one. You might be able to find a cleaner that works on different types of concrete stains, which is ideal if you have multiple types of stains.

Before using the product on the entire concrete floor, test it on one small spot. You do this to make sure the cleaner doesn't just create another stain. Mix the concrete cleaner according to the directions and apply it to one small location of concrete that is inconspicuous. If you have an area of the floor in the corner of the room, or a spot hidden by storage containers in your garage, that is a good place for testing. Once you use the cleaner and rinse it off, wait for it to dry. If it doesn't leave another stain, it should be good to use on the other stains.

Apply the Concrete Cleaner

You should already have the cleaning product mixed at this point. If not, go ahead and mix it according to the package instructions. Pour the cleaner onto the concrete stains, working one-at-a-time. Use your stiff brush to scrub the cleaner into the stain, scrubbing vigorously. Once you have scrubbed the stain, let the cleaner sit on the stain for several minutes. If you still see the stain, repeat the process until it starts to disappear.

Rinse the floor thoroughly once the stains are gone. Use your hose to rinse the floors, or use a pressure washer if you have one available. Dry mop the floors once it has been rinsed to prevent further water stains. To learn more, contact a business like Small's Sand Gravel Inc.