When you're building a home or other structure, trusses can go a long way in lending structural support and improving the longevity of the building. There are all kinds of trusses that can be used, with the most popular being wood and steel trusses. While steel trusses are often thought of as the stronger option, wood trusses should not be discounted. They come with many excellent benefits and work great for roofs.

More Choices

One of the major benefits of wooden roof trusses is that they work much better than joist framing options. They can support a much wider area than joists, which means that you have more design options and that you can use fewer trusses than you would joists, saving you money.

You can also get away with using fewer columns or other supportive structures when you choose wooden trusses, which opens up even more possibilities for the final design and look of your finished building.

High Standards

When you buy wooden trusses from a reputable seller, you have the benefit of knowing they have undergone rigorous testing and have had to meet national standards for quality and safety. You can't say that for many other products on the market today.

Nationally accredited and approved trusses also have the benefit of coming in exact, standard sizes so you can make sure you get the specific size and type of truss you need and that, if you need more than one, they'll all be uniform and up to standard.

Fire Safety

This fact might surprise you, but wood trusses are actually more "fire safe" than their steel counterparts. Wooden truss beams have to get incredibly hot in order to ignite, and even if they do, the burning causes them to develop a coating that actually protects against and prevents further burning.

Steel beams, on the other hand, easily burn at high heats. Even worse, if they even ignite, they are done for, even if they don't "burn up." Steel, once heated to the point of igniting, loses its strength and durability. That means that, even if you were able to put the fire out quickly, your beams still wouldn't be suitable for use as roof trusses.

With all of these benefits and their low price tag, it's pretty obvious that wooden roof trusses are a great choice. Make sure that you at least consider them when you choose trusses for your next building project.