If you are planning to do renovations to your basement, you will want to make sure it is protected from water. This means that you may need to have repairs and upgrades done to your basement waterproofing systems. This can include the addition of new exterior water proofing, installing basement drainage and improving drainage around your home. Doing these things will help to prevent flooding and water damage in your basement. Here are four things that you may want to do to improve basement waterproofing before doing renovations:

1. Installing An Exterior Waterproofing System 

The exterior of your home can have an exterior waterproofing system installed on it. This can be a membrane or a sealant that is applied to the exterior foundation walls. With exterior waterproofing, you will prevent water from getting into your home. There are many different choices, which you may want to use membranes in addition to a drainage medium that allows water to flow beneath your foundation.

2. Improving Exterior Grading And Drainage To Shed Water

The exterior grading can also be improved in several ways. You can improve drainage by ensuring that the grading is sloped away from the foundation of your home. This can help to reduce static pressure that is created when water drains against the foundation of your home.  If you have flat areas like patios, you may also want to have drainage installed in these areas to ensure that water does not build up against your foundation.

3. Installing An Interior Foundation Drainage System

While having good exterior waterproofing and drainage can do a lot to prevent water problems, sometimes it is not enough. You may also want to consider having an interior foundation drainage system installed. This drainage system is installed along the footings of your foundation, and will drain any water out of your basement that gets in.

4. Sealing And Repairing Interior Foundation Walls

Sealing and repairing the foundation walls is another important step in preparing your basement. Any previous problems should be repaired and sealed. If you are going to finish any of these walls, you may want to use a waterproof basement wall system that will not be affected by water or condensation that can get into the basement through the foundation.

These are some of the things that can be done to improve basement waterproofing before you do renovations. If you are planning to remodel your basement, contact a basement waterproofing contractor and ask them about doing some of these improvements before you begin your project. To learn more, visit FreeFlow Environmental