Is your old boat gathering cobwebs in your yard? Have your neighbors and family members been pestering you to figure out a way to get rid of it? If your old boat has just been sitting in your yard because you have no idea what to do with it, here are a few ideas for getting rid of it.

Donate it.

Even if it's been several years since the boat has last sailed under your command, the boat and its parts may be salvageable. Many old boats can be harvested for their parts or turned into a seaworthy vessel after undergoing professional repair. While these repairs would be too costly for a regular hobbyist to undergo, these repairs might be worthwhile for a business that specializes in boat restoration or a vocational school that is need of special projects such as these.

Charities that accept used car donations may also accept old boat donations, so it would be a good idea to start with those organizations first. These organizations usually work out deals with industry professionals to refurbish old machines and then sell them at a profit, since they were able to procure them for free.

Vocational schools that offer technical classes with a marine focus might also accept a boat as a donation. This would help their students get hands-on experience in rebuilding a boat and diagnosing any problems. (There are likely many, many problems, so the students would be busy!)

Re-purpose it into a planter.

To turn an old boat into a unique planter, repaint the boat using high-quality exterior paint that is designed to weather the elements. You could try to replicate some of the old boat's features, such as the name of the boat, its hull identification number, or any decorative elements, or you could just simply paint it one solid color for ease. Then, drill small holes in the bottom of the boat to provide drainage, and fill the bottom of the boat with rocks to help the water drain. Once these elements are in place, you can fill the boat up with potting soil and your plants.

Since your boat will likely not move from its new home for years, be sure to choose its placement as a planter very carefully. Assess the amount of sunlight that each area of your yard gets, see which area of the yard can be seen best from the house, and make sure that any fast growing bushes or trees won't interfere with the boat.

Recycle it.

Just like your aluminum cans can get recycled into other materials, so can your old boat. The hulls of many boats can be recycled at a scrap metal recycling center, with their corresponding  parts either being sold individually or recycled as well. This option is a great way to get rid of your old boat and ensure that it will be put to good use after a long life with you.

This is a very environmentally friendly way to get rid of a boat, since the scrap metal and other materials obtained from your old boat can be quite costly to manufacture, both in terms of financial resources and natural resources.

These three ideas should help you finally answer the question that has been pestering you for months, years, or possibly even decades: "When are you going to get rid of that old boat?" For more information, contact a company like Cherry City Metals with any questions or concerns you have.