You may not necessarily stop and think you need to prepare your roof for winter, but it's important that you do in order to prevent any issues that may arise during the winter months. Doing some preparation now can help lower your energy bills during the winter months, and help protect your biggest investment - your home. Here are some preventative measures for you to follow when preparing your roof for winter.

What To Address

There are a few different things you should address in order to prepare your roof for winter. To start, if you are aware of any leaks that come from your roof, have a roofing contractor repair them immediately. 

You'll also want to remove dirt and debris built up in your home's gutter system. This will help reduce the build-up of ice dams. You'll want to make sure they are thoroughly clean and that water flows through the gutters without incident.  Gutters that are clogged can be hazardous to your roof.

While you are up cleaning your gutters, check the roof for peeling shingles. This is a sign of wear and tear, and over time water can build up under those peeling shingles and freeze. 

Preventative Measures

One of the biggest issues with a roof is the build-up of ice dams. These form when snow stays on top of the roof for a long period of time, and goes through a series of melting and freezing. When the snow melts, the water will flow down and freeze when it reaches the roof's eaves. If the roof is not vented properly and heat is escaping, it melts the snow.

As this keeps repeating itself, the ice that has built up at the eaves will eventually form an ice dam. Keeping the gutters cleaned as indicated above is an efficient way to prevent this damming from happening, but making sure your attic is vented properly also helps prevent the heat from escaping.

While it may be easy enough for you to identify the common issues that can come with your roof over time, it's best to have a professional roofing contractor come in and do an audit. They have the knowledge to check for leaks you may not be aware of, as well as show you how to properly clean your roof during the winter months, and especially after a major snowfall. A little bit of preventative work now can go a long way later on. Contact a company like Miller Roofing for more information.