Many people are looking to upgrade from a dull carpeted floor or a cheap linoleum job they had done because money was tight, but the leap to a finished hardwood floor is rarely on the table due to the high cost and complicated installation. However, one option that is often overlooked is the prospect of a reclaimed wood floor. Reclaimed wood offers an aesthetic that goes with many interior design schemes and offers more depth and customization than a standard oak, pine or bamboo floor. 

Advantages over Hardwood

Reclaimed wood is a more tasteful alternative to many types of hardwood commonly found at the lumberyard because of the aged look and feel of the wood. Many reclaimed wood floors are made from wood that had a previous life as a floor in an antique house or perhaps an old wall in a forgotten barn. For history buffs, having a story to tell about your hardwood floor is a great joy and adds a level of taste that's hard to come by in the home improvement store. Furthermore, using reclaimed wood for your floors has an eco-friendly advantage because it prevents deforestation by taking previously used boards for another spin in a different setting. 

Different Types of Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Just about any type of wood you can make a floor out of can be found in an aged, burnished state from a reclaimed wood dealer. Oak is common due to its durability, as is red and white pine, due to its prevalence in old American architecture. If you're going for a really rustic look, a "Grandpa's" wood floor is the ticket, as these types of woods are often salvaged from mill or barn floors, and thus have seen years of abuse, which will give them an excellent aged look. For something more refined, reclaimed wine barrels make excellent flooring, as the deep red color varies from board to board to show a floor with great character and heritage. 

If you're looking for a way to add an air of subtle distinction to your home, but don't want to go the expensive Persian rug or marble routes, taking a look at a local reclaimed wood dealer is absolutely worth your while. With dozens of options to choose from, including all the wood species you would find at the lumberyard with an infinite number of unique patterns, there really is no better way to upgrade your home's decor than by giving a nod to the sawmills of old and installing a tasteful reclaimed wood floor. 

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