If you would like the airflow in your home to be equal in all rooms, or you only want certain rooms cooled, you can achieve this by balancing the dampers. You can balance your dampers on your own, even though it may take you time until you get everything in balance.

Find the Furnace Dampers

You will see ducts starting at your furnace that go out from it that are used to heat and cool each room. Look at these ducts on both sides to find a small lever. This lever is what you use to open and close the dampers. The damper is fully open when the handle is horizontal. If the handle is anywhere between horizontal and vertical, the airflow is reduced.

Turn the handles horizontally so there is maximum airflow in each room of your home.

Determine the Temperature

Before you get started, you need to determine the temperature in each room that you want to balance the airflow. Put a thermometer in each of these rooms away from cold air returns or registers.

Turn the heat on in your house and wait for one hour. Check the temperature of the thermometers to see which rooms have different temperatures. For example, you may find one room is warmer than the others are.

Balance the Damper

Find the duct that feeds to each room that is too hot. Start with the first room, and turn the damper handle one fourth between horizontal and vertical. Wait one hour, and then check the temperature in that room.

If the room is now cooler, then you are finished. If not, keep moving the damper a little further, and then check the temperature again in one hour. Continue making adjustments until you reach the right temperature that you want the room to be.

Repeat these steps for each room that you want to balance the temperature. If there are rooms that you do not want heated or cooled, turn the damper handle vertical to close it.

Go to each damper, and use a permanent marker to mark each one where it is located. If it is summer, put an S. If it is winter, put a W. If you change the dampers for each season, you will know where you had them set.

If you have problems finding the dampers or getting your air balanced the way you want, you can contact an air conditioning service, like Proctor Mechanical Corp, to help you.